The only way to live and love Colmar to its fullest potential: 


live like a Colmarian, 

                                  experiment like a Colmarian !

 We rent fully equipped flats and the most amazing house you can dream of. From 1 to 12 people. You can trust us with your stay, you will have the best time here with us. 



Confort and Security: 


  • Free Wifi 

  • TVs in every living room

  • Dvds*

  • Karaoké*

  • SPA (Coast SPA, made in Canada)

  • Air Conditioner*

  • Passport Safe*

  • Hair Dryer in every bathroom

  • Bed Linen and Towels

  • At least on baby's bed per flat. CubeColmar : one baby's bed, one co-dodo, two chairs and one cushion

  • fully equipped kitchen

  • mirco wave or oven and hotplates

  • coffee machines, heater

  • ccoffee and tea 

  • washing machine and dishwasher

  • fridge and freezer 

  • soap and detergent

*CubeColmar et MiniCubeColmar only


No smoking. 

We will charge you an extra 300 euros per room due to special cleaning if we suspect you indeed smoked in the buildings and house. 

If you wish to smoke please go outside the buildings in the streets of Colmar and make sure to kill your cigarette's butt before putting it in an outdoor bin. Please understand smoking might please you but to most of us it just smells bad and is associated with potentially dying. Here are a few tips from Allen Carr to quit smoking for good : click here

If you booked CubeColmar you will be able to smoke in the garden, please always bring an hashtray with you and don't bring the cigarette's butts inside. 

About cancelations and change of dates :

Depending on the website you booked us from, cancelation and changes might be possible. If you booked directly with us please contact us to see if we can help as every booking is final. 

Check ins and Check outs :

check in starts at 5PM

check out ends at 11AM

Music and Parties :

You are more than welcome to enjoy your time in the house or flats. It is indeed highly recommended. However please keep in mind that you do have neighbors and they might want to enjoy calm and quiet. Therefor here is what the French law says : 

making repeated noise or loud sounds is strictly forbidden no matter the time of the day or night. 

you can put music on and sing or enjoy your time in the garden of CubeColmar from 7am to 10pm during the week and 11am to 9pm during weekends and bank holidays. Same rule goes on in our flats, however if neighbors come to you to complain we hope you will find an acceptable sound limit so that you can enjoy your time and the neighbors their silence. 

Payment options : 

You can secure your stay with us by : 

- bank transfer, you book us online, we send you our bank information. You then have 24 hours to send us proof of payment. Then without proof of payment or hearing from you, we cancel the booking. 

- unsing a Credit or Debit Card powered by Stripe. 

- Paypal is an option but unfortunately we have to add an extra 10% if you wish to pay us using this company. You book us online, we send you our paypal information and the exact amount you need to transfer. You then have 24 hours to send us proof of payment. Then without proof of payment or hearing from you, we cancel the booking. 


thank you !